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New Group Advances Safe Buildings And Beneficial Building Materials*

The North American Modern Building Alliance (NAMBA) is a newly formed group within the American Chemistry Council. NAMBA’s mission is to promote responsible fire-safety policies that support the use of the many building and construction products that are made from or incorporate plastic materials. The group is an alliance comprised of trade associations and construction product manufacturers interested in construction and the use of plastics. The EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) is an Executive Member and also participates on the Fire Performance Technical Committee.

NAMBA is dedicated to coordinating and leading advocacy, communications, education, research and project management on combustibility issues and the safe fire performance of plastic materials when used in or as part of building enclosures. Current NAMBA activities include participation in the New York City building code development process, monitoring ASTM activities and ballots, drafting proposals for the upcoming International Code Council (ICC) code development cycle, participation in the NFPA 285 engineering judgement task group, and development of a dedicated NAMBA website which will provide information regarding NAMBA activities and plastics in construction.

EIMA Executive Director Dave Johnston represents EIMA on MAMBA's Executive Committee and Bill Egan of the Bill Egan Group represents EIMA on the NAMBA Fire Performance Technical Committee

*Originally published in EIMA EIFS Briefs Volume 11, Issue 6 July/August 2020

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