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ASTM - Standards for EIFS

Just returned from participating in several ASTM meetings in Denver which included chairing the Subcommittee for Performance of EIFS (E6.58). Highlights of the E6.58 meeting included discussions about several recently balloted standards, an ongoing interlab test study related to the drainage test standard (E 2273) and an idea for a new standard that conceptually would help evaluate installed EIFS with drainage.

With regards to standards for EIFS, there are now almost 20 published standards that are specific to EIFS and under the jurisdiction of multiple subcommittees. Additionally there are many more that are general in nature (fire, transverse wind load, etc.) that are or may be applicable to EIFS as well as other products. To help locate the EIFS specific standards, below is a list of the subcommittees, URL, followed by the standard(s) under the subcommittee’s jurisdiction.

Standards – E2098, E2110, E 2134, E2273, E2321, E2359, E2430, E2485, E 2486, E2511, E2568, and E2570.

Standards - C1397, C1516 and C1535,

Standard - C1481

Standard - C1382

Subcommittees are open to all ASTM members with individuals categorized based on their primary business interest. Membership info, application, etc. is available through the ASTM website ( or feel free to drop me a note at if you have any questions.

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