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ASTM Committee C11 on Gypsum and Related Building Materials

ASTM C11 technical meetings were recently held in Denver that included discussions related to Exterior Insulation and Finish (EIFS) as well as Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco). During the meetings, attendees had the opportunity to participate in the standard development process and stay abreast of trends/activities by networking with industry professionals that included product manufacturers, design professionals, contractors, trade associations, and test labs/QC agencies. Below are some highlights of the activities:

· Workshop and presentation on cause and control of Stucco cracking

· Review of proposed changes to existing ASTM Standards C926 (Stucco) and C1063 (Plaster Bases)

· Discussion about a proposed guide related to Crack Reduction Methods for Stucco

· On going review of draft changes to existing Standard C1397 (Application of EIFS) that addresses critical lighting

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