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Are you a design professional specifying construction products?

It can be challenging to write a project specification that includes a small number of product manufacturers (3 to 5 for example) when there may be many more manufacturers capable of meeting typical performance based requirements for a particular product or system. In the interest of narrowing the field of manufacturers, it might be worthwhile to consider the following which can be equally important although not as tangible as performance based requirements in typical specifications.

Industry activities

Manufacturers with active representation in industry activities (trade associations, standards groups such as ASTM, etc.) related to their particular products will generally be aware of the latest industry information such as developments, trends, products, codes, etc. which can make these manufacturers a valued resource.


Well versed construction product manufacturers will typically have experienced technical personnel with deep and specialized knowledge in terms of products as well as applications. Availability and ready access to knowledgeable technical expertise can be invaluable prior to, during, as well as after a project is completed.

Local representation

Many projects are out of town meaning members of the construction team operate and manage the project remotely. Particularly in these instances, it can be prove to be helpful if the construction product manufacturer has local representation (employee, company rep, etc.) should there be a need for regional knowledge or site specific services.

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